Commercial Pest Control

Protect your Customers and Reputation

The best in the Business, Exterm’s Commercial Pest Control is committed to protecting your business from pests with experienced technicians. Our Specialized service for businesses offers customized integrated pest management services backed with a comprehensive protection plan that will help your business eliminate pests, prevent them from returning, and reduce your business costs.

Our technicians are trained according to American Institute of Baking Food Defense standards and maintain a strict compliance to their guidelines.
Why take risks with your customers and reputation when you know Exterm will eliminate your pest problems with the best equipment, tools, and materials as the Orlando Pest Control experts.

Pests Are Always Trying to Invade

Upon our first visit, our expert pest control professionals conducts a comprehensive inspection at your business checking the five points that pests like to be and can be exposed to your customers. Checking points of entry, water and food sources, customer and employee areas, and places where pests regularly hide, Exterm works with you to expose pests and would-be pests alike.


Entry Points
Pests don’t limit themselves to your front door, they find any way to entry your place of business, including windows, vents, plumping, cracks, floors, and even on customers, clients, and your suppliers.

Food Sources
A single raisin can feed 580 cockroaches for a day – just imagine what they could do with your average spill and mishaps. Even a minor sanitation mistake can lead to a large pest problem.

Water Sources
Like us, pests need water to survive and actively seek water sources. Things like water fountains/coolers, drains, air conditioner condensation, nearly every kind of plumbing and stagnating water are all places for pests to get a drink and breed.

Pest Hideouts
Many pests that can destroy a business seek out places to live that are small, dark, and unknown unless you know what to look for. Any little crack or crevice can protect pests from the untrained eye, leaving them free to breed.

Customers and Employees
A day of business lost because of failed health inspection is an embarrassment and damaging to your bottom line. An employee not doing their part or a customer seeing insects can spell disaster which is why should protecting your customers and employees from pests is paramount to your businesses’ success.[/fivecol_one_last]

Follow Up Treatments

Every season and change of weather gives different pests a chance to invade your company locations. Exterm will always be there to help identify and protect your business against these threats and ensure the pests stay out of your offices, facilities.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Exterm stands by its total service Satisfaction Guarantee on each and every one of our customers – especially you. One of the toughest, if not the toughest in the industry, we will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you and your family are satisfied.

We will retreat areas that you are not satisfied with at no extra charge, redo the inspection of your facilities for pests if you feel we missed something, and we will work to solve the problem.

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Customer Service and Pest Control

We want to help you solve your pest control problems. We don't judge our service just by controlling bugs, but ultimately by your satisfaction as our client, customer and friend. Ready to get started?