About Orlando Pest Control

Exterm Inc is an American-owned, central Florida business dedicated to providing pest control to our clients.

And it does not stop there because our mission is to become the best professional, affordable and reliable pest control company we can be and we’ll do that with superior service, training and knowledge. We’ll do this by delivering Great Service.

Who Are We

As a team, we each bring our expertise to keeping pests under control in your home and business. Our team includes experienced technicians and state-certified professionals driven to providing real pest control solutions that are effective, environmentally friendly and works for you. Pest Control is what we do and it is all we do.

What Do We Do

We provide pest control solutions that are safe for you, your family, and pets while keeping out the pests that bother you.

How Do We Do This?

Pest Control is not something that we trust to intuition and buzz-words. We actually take the time to talk to you to find out what pests are invading your home or business and develop a plan to knock them down and keep them out. On every visit we refine our service to fit your needs while targeting pests that are both seasonal and year-round.

Getting to know the pests around your home is just part of the job, we also take the time to identify the reasons why pests like to be in your home and business and work hand in hand with you to putting an end to conditions that cause pests. Our experience gives us the insight to develop elegant solutions for each individual client at a reasonable price.

Our technicians are hand-picked by our Management Team, Certified Pest Control Operator, and Owners. Each one is trained according to state standards and practices. Our products are among the most effective and safest on the market. And each and every one of us are dedicated to taking care of you, our customer.

Customer Service and Pest Control

We want to help you solve your pest control problems. We don't judge our service just by controlling bugs, but ultimately by your satisfaction as our client, customer and friend. Ready to get started?