Happy New Years 2018

All of us at Exterm Inc would like to give you all a warm welcome to 2018.

Here’s to your holiday season, hopefully it was filled with family, friends, and warm memories to share in the winter holiday cheer.

With the new year starting, new opportunities and new beginnings and, of course, taking a few minutes to craft this years resolutions.

As we begin the new year, and we’re already preparing for the next season of pests and bugs.  Marking our new calendar and filling it with plans and strategies to addressing both new and emerging pest threats.  One by one, our team of pest management professionals are returning from holiday break, refreshed and ready to get back to work.
Here’s some easy to do things to enjoy a pest-free new years.

Clean up the Kitchen Pantry

If you’re anything like us, after the holidays you end up with a kitchen pantry full of stuff and there is nothing that pests love more than a dark pantry crammed with half-used boxes, spare food stuff and crumbs galore. While it’s still cold out, you can take preventive measures by putting aside some time to clean your pantry this year before ants and bugs find out about the goodies left in the pantry.

  • Wipe down the shelves,
  • make sure everything is properly sealed and
  • sweep up the floor to keep that pantry pest free.

Wood & Debris outside

One of the most common mistakes that anyone can make in pest control forgetting about stuff around the outside of your home.  From firewood to old ply from hurricanes to things you meant to get around to last season.  Pests like Carpenter ants, spiders and termites all like to cozy up in the wood and other junk piled around the outside of your home.  This lets them get around pest control barriers or end up being carried right into your home when you go to clean up or secure things you forgot about.

  • Start off the new year right by cleaning up the area immediately around your home,
  • throwing out that old christmas tree if you haven’t already,
  • trimming back bushes and shrubs,
  • getting rid of debris that’s been sitting and
  • wearing gloves before handing items that have been left out.

Seal Up your Cracks and Crevices

It’s Florida, a lot of people don’t think too much about winterizing their homes.  Why not make a New Year’s resolution to do so in the next month? As the weather grows colder (even for a few weeks), rodents and bugs are more likely to invade for warmth and even the smallest of openings and holes can give them access. Sealing up cracks and crevices where gaps develop around the foundation of your home and checking to make sure all of your doors and windows seal tightly can stop many pests dead in their tracks not to mention stop energy loss and drafts for a warm and cozy pest-free year.

  • Check doors and windows for good snug fits,
  • Patch cracks and crevices and
  • Repair worn and damaged seals.

Check Areas Known for Pests!

Well, by now you’ve taken the above preventive measures, just remember to check for pest activity regularly throughout the year.

When putting away decorations and storing items in your attic, closets and garage, take a few minutes to inspect for pest activity with a good flashlight.  Check outside walls for signs of unwanted visitors like ant trails, animal chewing, spider webs and wasp nests.   Even if you see just a couple of bugs, contact us at Exterm,Inc right away at (407)704-8780.

Insects and rodents reproduce quickly when left unchecked or put off and the fastest and easiest way to stop a pest problem is to get to them before things get out of hand.

We have bold plans for 2018, for a successful and growing year.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Happy New Years Orlando!

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